Submit Your Work

We invite you all to submit an Abstract for Oral (PowerPoint) Presentation about your work and experience with Gorillas. Any Gorilla subject is welcome, the following topics are just an idea of what we all would love to hear about:

  • Conservation and field projects
  • Education components and public impact of gorilla programs
  • Training
  • Multi-male and bachelor groups management
  • Getting the conservation message out there in zoos
  • Geriatric management
  • Keepers’ projects to better care for Gorillas and to help them in the wild
  • Mixed species exhibits
  • Exhibit design
  • Population Management
  • Enrichment
  • Nutrition
  • Hand rearing and assisted rearing of infants
  • Introductions
  • Gorilla husbandry
  • Gorilla behavior
  • Gorilla medicine
  • Welfare

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Word format
  • Author’s name, affiliation, and contact information (email, address, phone)
  • Title of Paper
  • Concise description of presentation not to exceed 300 words
  • Download Abstract Submission Form

Please send your completed form with your abstract via email to: [email protected].

We are accepting abstracts now.

Talk should not exceed 20 minutes.


We hope to read you soon!!!

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